Race ALL bikes on iOS and Android APK 2017

Our brand new tool for the superb game Bike Race is a simple way to obtain all in-app purchases for absolutely free or free way to unlock. This cheat we have developed, works for all iOS and Android devices.  To get it for free, you need to select any cheat code and type it in the pro game. You don’t need to jailbreak or root your Smartphone to use our tricks. Also, you are not required to download any kind of software or bike race hack apk ipa files. This is the perfect way to level up your game without any boring downloading and other tedious stuff.

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of the game
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy racing with all bike available in the game


Now it’s time to open ifunbox, with this you will get all bikes, including tournament bikes. Download the files forV6.2 at adf.ly/1UWktp (mac and windows). In case the link does not work then get the files again in ifunbox, remember to close the bike race file before getting the file. In case if it doesn’t work in that way also, then download adf.ly/wjMi.


Step-by-step guide to obtain Bike race hack

Step 1:

  • Click the provided link
  • Just wait for five seconds
  • You can click to skip ad (on the top right you can see the yellow button)
  • Once you are on Mediafire, and then just click Download to start downloading.

Step -2:

  • Download ifunbox at adf.ly/r3kkV
  • Install it
  • Open it

Step -3:

  • Connect the back race tool ios device e-click on it into ifunbox
  • Look for Bike Race Hack and open the file
  • Open library
  • Open preferences
  • Open first choices
  • Replace the file with the one that you downloaded from the link
  • Once you delete the files you found, then replace it with the files that you downloaded
  • The files will be replaced and you are ready to use

Bike Race Pro, as the name entails, a bike is built according to the laws of physics.  The game is easy and quick and you need to use accelerometer of the phone to control the game and also for the brake and gas. The best method is touch and lead the motorcycle. Though it looks easy and simple game, it got high ratings obtained in Google play.

get unlimited bikes for your race with our bike race crack

Bike Race Pro Features:

  • Multiplayer games can be controlled easily
  • You can play 14 different ways
  • You can play 128 different songs
  • Engine 16 additional for gas using accelerometer and touch to control the striking obstacles

Version features PRO:

  • No need for advertising
  • You can play all stages

Changes in the pro version:

  • Multiplayer races are now allowed to count for single player rankings
  • Bugfixes

Bike Race Pro by v6.11 Mod APK Download:

This version contains:

  • No ads
  • All levels are opened

In this quick and basic science is based on free diversion, incline your gadget to persuade your bicycle and for quick brake touch the screen.


  • Basic controls
  • Multiplayer
  • 128 difficult tracks
  • 14 obsessive universes
  • 16 amazing bicycles
  • Cool Tricks
  • Touch to accelerate, incline to tilt the bicycle

Bicycle Race is provided to you by TFG (Top Free Games), who is also the maker of the Number One amusement in the Racing Penguin, Google play store.  Multiplayer Mode is available for Attempt to conclude the best biker on Android.

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

Name of the game: Bike Race Pro provided by TF Games

Category: Bike Race Cheats Android (AAG) Action Games

Type of the Game: Action

Language: English

Hack: MM (Mod Money)

Size: 32,98mb

Company:  TFG (Top Free Games)

File Type: apk


  • It works for non-jailbreak and jailbreak devices
  • You can unlock all bikes
  • Unlimited players can play the game


Download the files from our website and extract it, then put the files inside var/Mobile/Applications/BikeRaceTFG/Documents/ Throw Ifunbox, and then run your game and now you can enjoy the race with unlimited bikes provided.

If you want Bike Race APK plus all bikes then you best watch this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSWRx. If you have iOS, or iPod, or iPad devices, then you can watch this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujulG and get all the bikes.

If you have a problem connecting to Facebook, then you must follow these simple steps, including

  • Uninstall the FB application, but do not remove
  • Go to, Bike Race Pro
  • Login with FB
  • An iframe will crop up with a web-interface
  • Login manually to FB
  • Once you log-in, remove Bike Race and reload it in your FB app.



How to get into the Pro version:

You can drive your bike on outstanding tracks with loops and jumps through this easy and fast paced physics based game. Also, multiplayer’s can challenge their FB friends. Incline your device to tilt your bike and to increase the acceleration or to apply the brake, you just need to touch the screen of your device.  You can obtain Bike race hack for free for non-jailbroken and jailbrake idevices.


  • Unlimited multiplayer retry
  • All bikes purchased
  • All levels/locations unlocked
  • Ads removed
  • Unlocked the multiplayer mode

Instructions for File 1:


  • The first step is close the multitasking game

Download the files and extract and go to “/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/BikeRaceTFG” on iOS 8+ or in “/private/var/mobile/Applications/BikeRaceTFG” >iOS7 using iTools/iFunBox/DiskAid” and move the extracted files.

Instructions For File 2:

  • Close multitasking game

Download the files and extract them. Go to “/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/BikeRaceTFG/Library” on iOS 8+ or in “/private/var/mobile/Applications/BikeRaceTFG/Library” using iTools/iFunBox/DiskAid”,  once downloaded the file, move the extracted files, and run the game and enjoy the hack.

Bike Race Pro step-by-step for Jailbroken iDevices:


  • Auto unlocked for Multiplayer.
  • Various stars.
  • Several multiplayer wins.
  • No ads, and it probably works even in the free version.
  • Limitless multiplayer retries.
  • All triumph bikes unlocked.


  • The first step is download the .deb file
  • Once you download the file, copy it to your device
  • Using iFile, install the file on your device
  • Oxidant your device and start playing the game and enjoy.

Cheats for Bike Race Pro, last updated january 2017

Available Cheats:

  • All Cheats
  • iOS
  • Tablets
  • Android
  1. Ghost bike: “NiRUmkCbJnM8snk_uK”(Updated cheat code) – $7.99
  2. Ninja Bike : “68dMUBAEE7EEk3s_DV”(Updated cheat code) -$2.99
  3. 3 Multiplayer Retries: “nZfZaZmX7Pksj5y_si”(Updated cheat code) – $0.99
  4. High Tech Bike: “kmUV0y2FdnIG0D3_0T”(Updated cheat code) – $2.99
  5. Super Bike:“2bSp80ftszz11Rl_oM”(Updated cheat code) – $19.99
  6. Acrobatic Bike: “hpkj4yHNeHrhIkk_Td”(Updated cheat code) – $1.99
  7. Bronze Bike: “K1dZvGy4HAW3ZIk_o3” – $1.99
  8. Gold Bike: “EtBlgP2I7L3rEgb_Gu”(Updated cheat code) – $4.99
  9. Ultra Bike: “abaJgSjcViUfHYU_bz” – $29.99
  10. 1 gem: “fspiaw3dXIu9oYk_A9”(Updated cheat code) $0.99


Cheats working on devices:


Super Bike Race hack: “2bSp80ftszz11Rl_oM” – $19.99

Gold Bike: “EtBlgP2I7L3rEgb_Gu”(Updated cheat code) – $4.99

1 gem: “fspiaw3dXIu9oYk_A9” – $0.99

Ghost bike:  “NiRUmkCbJnM8snk_uK”(Updated cheat code) – $0.99

Bronze Bike: “K1dZvGy4HAW3ZIk_o3” – $1.99

Acrobatic Bike: “hpkj4yHNeHrhIkk_Td” – $1.99

High Tech Bike: “kmUV0y2FdnIG0D3_0T”(Updated cheat code)- $2.99


Acrobatic Bike Race codes: “hpkj4yHNeHrhIkk_Td” – $1.99

Gold Bike: “EtBlgP2I7L3rEgb_Gu”(Updated cheat code) – $4.99

Super Bike: “2bSp80ftszz11Rl_oM” – $19.99

Ghost bike: “NiRUmkCbJnM8snk_uK”(Updated cheat code) – $7.99

3 Multiplayer Retries: “nZfZaZmX7Pksj5y_si”(Updated cheat code) – $0.99

Ninja Bike: “68dMUBAEE7EEk3s_DV” – $2.99

1 gem: “fspiaw3dXIu9oYk_A9”(Updated cheat code) – $0.99

Bronze Bike: “K1dZvGy4HAW3ZIk_o3” – $1.99

High Tech Bike“kmUV0y2FdnIG0D3_0T” – $2.99

Ultra Bike: “abaJgSjcViUfHYU_bz” (Updated cheat code) – $29.99


Ninja Bike: “68dMUBAEE7EEk3s_DV (Updated cheat code) – $2.99

1 gem: “fspiaw3dXIu9oYk_A9” – $0.99

Gold Bike: “EtBlgP2I7L3rEgb_Gu” – $4.99

Bronze Bike: “K1dZvGy4HAW3ZIk_o3 (Updated cheat code) – $1.99

Ultra Bike: “abaJgSjcViUfHYU_bz” (Updated cheat code) – $29.99

Ghost bike: “NiRUmkCbJnM8snk_uK” (Updated cheat code) – $7.99

High Tech Bike: “kmUV0y2FdnIG0D3_0T” – $2.99

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

For a Bike Race pro game it is suggestible to use Superbike cheat code. Many users are using this cheat code to obtain In-app purchases.  Go to this site and find the link and get the instructions on how to enter cheat codes on your device. To get the link you need to share an article on your Facebook account. After you share the article on FB, you will find the active link.

Why is this Bike Race Hack better than several hack tools that are easily available? This is because:

  • You can obtain free purchases in Bike Race Pro.
  • Your device will not be attacked by any malicious viruses
  • You don’t need any boring downloads such as the tool available elsewhere on the internet
  • These cheat codes work for all devices, including tablets, Andriod Smartphones, iPad, and iOS devices.
  • You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device


Online Bike Race Hacks:

The latest release of the cheat generator has been used by thousands of users and forum subscribers. You can find the updated and the latest release details with unrestricted cash facilitating you to control the game and improve your gaming scores than ever before.

The online generator will be hosted by the website developer, which means you don’t need to download anything. This is one of the major reasons why many subscribers love this online bike race pro hack very much.


  • Unlock all the tracks
  • Unlock all bikes
  • Limitless Cash
DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

Tips for using the tool:

Here you can some of the best and advanced tips that can help you stay focused and get a spirited benefit in your bike race game. Also, the guide will help you how to utilize the online generator, to obtain game cheats that you can get into using the download button.  Here, you can find the best and possible codes for your game and the online generator will surely help you by providing exclusive hacks for becoming an expert in the game.

Several thousands of players or subscribers have tested these tools and they found them very helpful as they give actual benefits in their biking race game. These cheat codes can give you the confidence in the game and they may help you win the race game.

But now these games got even spicier and the developers have been introducing spicier elements into the game than ever before. Sometimes these games keep the players is the middle of illegal and violent races. However, with these bike race hacks, you can find different ways to win the race, and your winning is confirmed.

It is one of the rising trends as per the internet researchers, they say the affinity of bike games are larger than ever. People are finding this game way more interesting because of its new features and modes. Though the basics are the same, they still developed with added features and facilities.

The best part of the game is when you are racing with your friends, and the challenging aspects are sharp turns. Also, you need to take care of law enforcement and police while racing the bike. All these aspects make the game more challenging and the demand for a working bike race hack or cheats is also increasing largely.

However, if you use a hack like ours that don’t mean you have not mastered the skill, it doesn’t matter at all. This tool help you win the race and help to reach the end of the game which is the absolutely fair thing to do. So don’t hesitate to use these cheat codes that can help you win the race actually.

How to Advance Your Game the ‘regular’ way:

These tips are only for the in-game purchases, not for the real world.  The first thing you should know what the main thing that makes the player is to win the race? Obviously, the speed, you must be fast on the corners, on the road and strong enough to get over all obstacles without a fear. However, when you are playing off the road or on the road, you can as well improve your bike riding skills only when you are very careful.  Don’t over think when you are riding a bike, don’t think about you may crash or you may lose control of the speed. Keep yourself contented and focused on your track and think about only the race, then you will be the winner ultimately.

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

Start download

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Bike Race
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy racing with all bike available in the game