My wife Vanessa and I just love Bike Race… and we do not mean real bike racing. No,no we are absolute adorers of the game Bike Race. We never had a game of this level, we loved playing so much.

The principle of the game is in fact really simple, race your bike and make sure you get where you got to be. But in practice, this simple game isn’t that simple. A lot of obstacles cross your path and you can never be sure you will get to the next stage. This makes the game really addicting. I can say, with my hand on my heart, this game is an essential part of our life now. It is really our number one hobby.

The only thing we were concerned about is that you have to pay to unlock all those great features that make the game really interesting.  Either it will cost you, either you have to play for such a long time that you will never reach your goal.

Since Vanessa and I just loved to have all those great bikes, a mastermind plan arrose in our brains. Me being a programmer, proposed to my wife … not the proposal you should think of (with rings and all) though… No, no. I proposed to try to hack the bike race game to unlock all those monsterous bikes that could ensure us hours of pleasure. For over 4 months my principal hobby changed from playing Bike Race to  trying to hack Bike Race.

After over 4 months of programming every evening after work and programming all weekend long, I finally succeded. I called Vanessa for another test, not with great expectations though, but look … suddenly my programmed tool got in and made connection with the Bike Race server. Less than 30 seconds after that I was the proud owner of all bikes in the Bike Race game. WOW!

A few weeks after that Vanessa and I were having breakfast, when she told me that she thought it would be really great if a lot of other people could also benefit from this little program of mine. Socialst as we are, we decided to shar the Bike Race hack to all people on the internet for free, by setting up this little website.

So, everyone reading this, I hope you will most definetly enjoy the software I wrote. And I hope it will bring you countless hours of great pleasure, when playing the bike race game.  Just try to beat your best score so far. Here is the recipe for it: download the bike race hack from this website, let it do its magic, choose your favorite bike from ALL available bikes in the game … and watch your scores go through the roof! Enjoy!